What are the sizes of NevPanel® ?

NevPanel® is available in 1220×2440/2750/3000 mm

Does NevPanel® require a special application technique?

NevPanel® can be applied easily with common drywall installation techniques.

Is NevPanel® hard to cut?

NevPanel® MgO Boards can be cut with a quality utility knife up to 10 mm thickness. 12 mm thickness and up can be cut and shaped with hand-saw or portable horizontal saw.

What are the available thicknesses of NevPanel®?

NevPanel® is available between 4mm – 25mm.

What is NevPanel®?

100% natural and environment friendly high featured construction and insulation board made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and reinforced with several layers of glass fabric.

Where can NevPanel® be used?

NevPanel® can be used in both interior and exterior applications such as ; wall systems, cladding applications, protection of load bearing systems of buildings, indoor partitions, suspended ceilings, roof sheathing, raised floors, underlayment of tiles, light steel and prefabricated buildings, production of fire rated doors/access doors/furniture, insulation of cold storage rooms.
Nevpanel® can be used in details where fire-acoustic-thermal insulation is required. Boards can also be used in places that are exposed to water & damp.

How to treat NevPanel® joints ?

NevPanel® Boards have different composition details depending on the area of their use. In a standard partition wall application, NevPanel® boards are screwed to the preconstructed studs with appropriate screws. A 3mm-gap must be left between the panels. Joint paste is applied to the joint gaps. Joint tape is mounted on the paste. To smoothen the panel surface an additional thin layer of joint paste is applied on the joint tape and screwheads. Finally all joint-pasteapplied area is smoothened with a large spactula.
All applications must be performed according to manufacturers` installation manuals.Drying times, application temperatures and humidty factors need to be considered.

Does NevPanel® require the application of satin plaster?

NevPanel®` s smooth surface is ready to be painted and does not require satin plaster. NevPanel® finishing paste can be used to smooth surface imperfections.

Can NevPanel® be finished with Wall Paper ?

The smooth surface of NevPanel® can be used for wall paper application.

Can NevPanel® be finished with Tiles or stones ?

The granuled surface of NevPanel® can be used for such kind of applications.